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I started my career path with an associates degree in accounting in 2000 at a technical college and graduated in 2002. I have continued to expand my education and knowledge since then. Most recently I have graduated May 2019 with my Masters in Accountancy (M.Acc.) I will continue to expand my knowledge and education to provide all of my clients with the best and up to date information. 


I have worked in the accounting career since I graduated from the technical college in 2002. I have done everything from financial reporting, general journal entries, accrual entries, personal and small business tax returns and many other tasks. 

Potential Customers

I started this company to help small businesses and individuals with their accounting and bookkeeping. I can do everything as simple as the day to day bookkeeping to the month end financial statements and many other things. If you need help with something, schedule a free consultation  and we can discuss it. I look forward to working with many different people doing many different things. 

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We love our customers, and look forward to helping them